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What is Cashloop?

Cashloop is an integrated payments, communication and collections application. Our goal is to provide users with a more convenient and flexible method of paying, communicating and requesting money. We have created an innovative Payment Social Network (PSN) that empowers businesses and organisations to proactively engage with their members, with the added benefit of paying or requesting funds in real time, no credit card or bank details needed. 

Fast, safe, contactless payments

Pay, get paid, support or shop. Whatever the reason Cashloop provides a secure method of instant payments by selecting the mobile number you want to pay, scanning the QR code of the recipient or using the quick pay function and transferring funds to a saved QR code you have stored. There are no overdraft fees, no minimum balance fees and no ATM-fees. Come to think of it, there are no transaction fees. Pay a once-off top up fee when you load your eWallet with funds and enjoy never paying any other costs.

Using Cashloop to campaign and collect funds

The need for multiple apps to campaign to your members, or to collect outstanding fees is long gone. Cashloop has prebuilt functionality that allows organisations to communicate with all registered members instantly and with extended capabilities for collecting membership fees and crowdfunding opportunities. Need more information? Click Let’s talk below and one of our Sales Guru’s will be in contact within the hour.

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The Clue is a Closed Loop Unified Ecosystem (CLUE) that is implemented through the Cashless App and supporting infrastructure within your organisation and community. This closed looped ecosystem will ensure that the members and app users stay connected through the power of the digital age. Organisations, retail suppliers and the organisational members will be able to digitally transact with one another on a peer to peer basis providing ease of use and value-driven functionality.

Customising your App

Following successful conversion from a Merchant to an Organisation*, you will have access to the “App Branding” tab in your Merchant Portal. This feature allows you to rebrand certain areas of the app to reflect your Organisation within the Cashloop Application.


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