Need support from your Members?

Sometimes it’s better to ask. That’s why we have custom-built our Merchant portal to enable direct communication to your Community. Whether you need immediate help or are collecting your annual fees, Cashloop can do it all via the Communications panel in the Merchant portal.

Become an Organisation

An Organisation is classed as a Merchant who has a community they would like to link their Cashloop application to. What? Yip, that’s correct, you heard us right. Cashloop allows an Organisation to customise the Cashloop app to have the look and feel of their Organisation. There is no additional fee to converting your Merchant account to an Organisation account, click the below to start the process.

Sign up your business today

If you are looking to use Cashloop as a secure and safe way to receive payments, you’ve come to the right place. 

Download the Cashloop App

Cashloop is a peer to peer mobile transfer application, providing South Africans with a secure and convenient way to pay with their smartphones. After installing the app top up your eWallet, add a security passcode or fingerprint authentication and then scan a Cashloop QR code to make payments with your smartphone.


Holding Company Info

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Convert to an Organisation

First things first, you need to register as a Merchant via the normal Merchant registration process. You can do that by clicking here. If you have already done that, please fill in the below form, and one of our Support Team Members will be in contact within the next 60 minutes. 

Our application is currently being updated

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we weren’t on that particular job. Our global design and development team are working to update the Cashloop app with new, important functionality that will make paying, collecting and communicating with the Cashloop app so much easier.