It's not rocket science

Cashloop is not a new concept, it is in fact older than a decade in other parts of the world. Countries like Finland, Sweden and Ireland are already well on their way to reducing cash and migrating to cashless.

Instant fund transfers

Ever need to pay someone but don’t have cash or they don’t have a bank account? Want to pay the car guard or tip someone for doing a great job but don’t have coins.

Now you can, with Cashloop. We have designed and developed a unique closed-loop unified payment gateway that allows instant fund transfers without the hassle. The best part is it is free! So you can tip R5 or R500 and we wont charge you a cent.

What did you buy now?

Having an extensive work history of providing audit services and software to large corporates, we decided to build some audit best practices into our app and software. The most prevalent one, being the ability not to delete or remove information after the fact. That’s why Cashloop stores every transaction both in and out of the app in an encrypted, unlimited archive readily available for Users/Merchants to review and export if they need a copy. Every transaction is tagged with a unique transfer code and geolocation tab. We also store every transaction for all eternity, to empower our users to safely audit their spend daily, monthly or every decade.

Military grade encryption

When it comes to addressing application security, at Cashloop we straight out assume that all mobile devices are insecure, all of our applications can be compromised, and people can capture the data moving to and from our apps. We’re not paranoid, but because of this we install and implement stringent security protocols around the mobile device, the Cashloop application servers, authentication within the app, future development and any data at rest and in transit.

Want to help your Community?

We spent a lot of time during the lockdown brainstorming ideas on how to assist Member-based organisations on remote collecting of funds and contributions. We successfully developed the “Support” functionality within the Cashloop app. Now the need for multiple apps to campaign to your members or to collect outstanding fees is long gone. Cashloop has prebuilt functionality that allows organisations to communicate with all registered members instantly and with extended capabilities for collecting membership fees and crowdfunding opportunities.

Need to spread the word?

Building loyalty through third-party apps like Facebook or Whatsapp has its limitations. They are great communication tools, but sadly they come with a whole lot of social media capabilities most organisations have battled to get right. Cashloop has developed a simple method of communicating to your Members. Log onto your organisational portal, select the members you want to communicate with and magic, you’ve successfully communicated with them.*

* Only users registered within your organisational campaign code will be able to receive or view any messages. 

Download the Cashloop App

Cashloop is a peer to peer mobile transfer application, providing South Africans with a secure and convenient way to pay with their smartphones. After installing the app top up your eWallet, add a security passcode or fingerprint authentication and then scan a Cashloop QR code to make payments with your smartphone.


Holding Company Info

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Our application is currently being updated

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we weren’t on that particular job. Our global design and development team are working to update the Cashloop app with new, important functionality that will make paying, collecting and communicating with the Cashloop app so much easier.