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How to videos

Navigating both the Cashloop app and Merchant portal can be quite a daunting task, but don’t fear, we have taken the time to make some easy to follow ‘How-to’ videos to get you started. Select the category you would like to learn more about below.

Cashloop App

Merchant Portal

How are we different?

Cashloop is the finance version of David vs. Goliath.We were fed up with our banking and member loyalty experience, often incurring unknown and hidden fees. With customer loyalty at big banks at an all-time low, they figured building the next great financial application, one that could service 99% of all South African’s (even the unbanked), not just the 1%, was the right idea for the times.

Instead of building a bank right away, they started with solving simple pain points like unbanked users and free peer-to-peer transfers. Today, Cashloop is solely focussed on a ‘closed-loop’ ecosystem that allows member-based organisations like churches and schools to effectively reduce theft and corruption whilst enhancing the user experience and enforcing strict social distancing measures by enabling cashless, contactless transacting.

Enhanced security

A cashless society fosters lower crime rates as there is no tangible money for criminals to steal. We don’t store credit card information, therefore no financial information for hackers to steal.

Mass Communication

We have developed the fund request and communication functionality that allows organisations to communicate and request funds directly from it’s registered members.

Tracking and audit trail

Money laundering and tax evasion are reduced because there is always a paper trail of every transaction. The Cashloop app does not allow for deletion or amendment of any transactions performed.

Member loyalty and support

Cashloop has been designed to enable member-based organisations to assist its members and their business through community campaigns generated from within the app.


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